Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Art - January Cardmaking

These square cards can be made into frames by the recipents!! Adds a little fun to recieving a card from a friend!! The card front has a hole cut into it which in this case is in the middle and is also a square. I cut this one by hand but it certainly could be cut with a die instead. There are LOTS of other possibilities!! I simply attach the greeting (colour printed) to the inside front of the card with invisible tape so it can easily be removed. It is then just a matter of removing the insert and applying some glue to the right hand and bottom inside of the card and folding over the front to create a pocket in which a picture can be added. For display, add a magnet to the back, a ribbon hanger or feature on an easel.

A gift in a card and a little project for your friends to be creative with!! Great as a baby card to display the latest picture and to finally be added to a scrapbook.


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