Thursday, November 22, 2007

Queen Anne's Lace! Just love these natural snowflakes!! Here I used the large ones I had pressed. I layered it onto some of my own handmade paper using the back so that the texture would be subtle. Layered a nice olive and gold ribbon onto some twill tape to keep with the natural theme. Added an off white snowflake punchie with a soft gold brad.
I used a glue stick to add the pressed botanical. Applied glue to the handmade paper in a star pattern then placed the Queen Anne's Lace over it. Apply a little pressure to make sure the pieces are in contact with the glue and leave to dry. The glue will dry clear and will be invisible.

I hope you have found some inspiration for Christmas cards here!! There are many of you who are already finished and are ready to get yours into the mail sometime next week. I will continue to aspire to that goal and take inspiration from you!!

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!! Find some way to be creative in your everyday!! We will continue to inspire each other!!


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  1. Beautiful Therese!! Everything goes so well together!


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