Sunday, November 23, 2008

MM - Glass Ornament

Glass ornaments with my own little flair!! I used my own backgrounds that I had created with alcohol inks for the backgroud of these ornaments.

I would highly recommend that you scan any and all your art for future use and sometimes even scan all of the steps so you can use them later on.

I used a layout program to add white words and simple images to the backgrounds and then colour printed them onto vellum. I clear embossed the colour printing thinking it would not dry onthe vellum but several areas had already dried enough to not be wet enough to have the embossing powder stick to it. In the end, it did not affect the look of the image at all. I printed an 8.5 x 11 with six circles, embossed and then cut them out with my circle cutter!! I inserted them into the pancake glass ornaments by rolling them up and putting them through the top.

They turned our really nice and I am happy to see my own work featured prominently in these!! They were delivered to the Merchants Mill last week!


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