Monday, March 08, 2010

Glittering accents

The students were all about using glitter - especially the girls!! We used fine glitter to embellish accents like chipboard flowers and tags as well as to jazz up some strips that could be used as borders and edging for the pages of their books!!
I applied double sided tape - Peel and stick sheets - to chipboard, burnished it well and die cut some shapes - flowers, tags, hearts, etc. It was just a matter of removing the protective layer and rubbing in the glitter. I provided the students with punchies that could be placed on the sticky side of the shapes before applying glitter to add yet another dimension to the accents they were creating.
The strips were punched with a variey of small punches and backed with packing tape. Glitter was applied to the sticky tape that was revealed through the holes creating glitzy elements for their books. In some cases, they were able to apply two different colours of glitter to the same piece by apply glitter to one sticky surface and then revealing another to which a different colour of fine glitter was applied!!
Needless to say that there was glitter in more places than was originally intended. I was grateful to have the help of a teacher to get the "extra" cleaned up.
Glitter is a fun embellishment! I really like using it with the sticky tape instead of glue.
So we were starting to have a few items that could be incorporated into the Chunky Art Books!!


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