Monday, March 08, 2010

Student project - Zentangle cards

Zentangle cards!! The 1.5"square zentangle art is created with Sharpie markers on colour laser photocopy paper!! You can see part of the template that I gave students for creating their Zentangles.
Once finished, the artwork was cut out leaving a white border. These were layered onto black then onto a white 2.75" square card which is a great size for cutting out of 8.5 x 11 cardstock - 6 per sheet. Each student had supplies for making six cards and were able to choose their best zentangles for their cards.
The 3" square envelopes are created using a 4.25" square using the same technique as the vellum envelopes in a previous post. I used the same paper for the envelopes as I used for the zentangles. I placed a piece of regular invisible tape under one of the flaps with the sticky side facing up and just folded the two adjacent flaps down which held the envelope together. I provided them with little zentangle stickers which they could use to hold the envelope closed once they had inserted their card. I created the stickers by scanning some of my zentangles, resizing them and printing them onto labels!! The perfect touch for making elegant little cards!!

Have some fun doodling and creating some little pieces of art for use in your cardmaking!!


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