Monday, March 08, 2010

Student project - Zentangles!!

Zentangles!! This is a really fun technique which produces original artwork - one of the things I really like to do with the students! Every one likes to say they made it themselves!!
Check out the official Zentangle site! Intimidated? Check out these instructions for beginners!!
Really just doodling!! Important to create light, medium and dark spaces and lines. I highlighted my outer border to make sure that it framed my art nicely. I laser printed the templates on colour laser copy paper - very nice smooth finish - a great surface for using with our fine tipped black Sharpie markers!!
It takes a few to get the hang of it so I gave each student a half sheet of printed templates with eleven 1.5" squares on it and they used their six best to make their cards!!
These are some of the zentangles I created!! Totaly fun and would make great inchies!! Some students coloured theirs in with pencil crayons for a totally different effect!! Could be watercoloured in as well because the Sharpies are permanent!!


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